Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Istanbul sights and cab stitch up

Shocked that we made it as far as Turkey, Saturday night was spent celebrating in various bars around Istanbul. A late start on Sunday and straight into a quick maintenance check on the car.

All looks good, just one front wheel bearing to adjust and its ready to go again.  Huge thanks to the brilliant staff of the Avicenna hotel in Istanbul. If you find yourself looking for a place to stay over there, book in with them - A great little hotel in a perfect location, friendly and helpful staff. Thanks again guys! :)


The rest of the day is spent sightseeing, and we take a cruise on the Bospherus river which officially seperates Europe from Asia. Have we really almost made it as far as Asia?!

Bridge over the river Bospherus - Waterfront properties exchange hands for anything between 4 & 100 million Euros..!

Later that day we take a cab back to our hotel. On arrival the driver asks for 30TL  (£15).  I hand him a 100TL note, he takes it and distracts us by pointing to a landmark ahead. In the next sentence..."Sir, you gave me only 20TL, the fare is 30TL, you understand?"  He waves a crisp new 20TL note at me, a note I've never seen before..  

For once, I saw it coming. There was no mistake on my part, the 100TL note that I gave him was the only note in my pocket...

I tell him exactly what the deal is, and that he's picked the wrong chump to trick. He promptly apologises for his 'mistake'. My original 100TL magically re-appears. he hands it back to me and our embarrased looking driver speeds off into the darkness.  Not a bad scam, but he needs more practice at it!

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