Sunday, 19 September 2010

Roofrack and final sponsor logos

Last minute welding to the roof rack was completed this weekend. We felt it needed some extra strength, so steel plates were welded along the sides and major joints triangulated.  The rack was then bolted to the roof. Although it pained me to drill holes in the roof, it was reckoned to be the safest option...Sorry car :(

Last week we received a very generous MAG donation from the founder of 'Mute' records. In return their logo was placed in pole position across the top of the bonnet. Thanks again to Daniel from Mute for a superb donation.

We're also proud to have CEGA Air Ambulance on board:

CEGA are maket leaders in medical repatriation, operating a fleet of well equipped Bechcraft turbo-prop airplanes from their hub at Bournemouth International airport.  Should you ever have the misfortune of being involved in an accident abroad, and require the services of an air ambulance - These guys will probably be flying you back to blighty.

Thanks to Mark at CEGA for helping us to arrange our medical insurance for the trip. Fingers crossed we don't see any of his flight crew or doctors anytime soon!...

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