Saturday, 6 November 2010


Starbucks…..Mmmmm Starbucks…Is there nothing that a great cup of coffee cant fix? First KFC, now Starbucks, whats happening to us?! We ended up on the beers last night is a historic district of Chengdu. Unbelievably we ended up in a bar that served two of my favourite beers, Fullers London Pride and Chimay ‘Blue’ from Belgium, great grog.

In the afternoon we motor back out of town to the Porsche center, once again the hospitality is excellent. We’re presented with a gift by the management team, a DIY build your own Porsche 356 Speedster, very cool thanks guys.

Theres quite a large team of press and TV reporters waiting for us, we set about answering questions and posing for photos. (See photos) Our story is broadcast on TV that evening and is set for print in the local papers the following day. With everything wrapped up, we head back to our hotel downtown.

One of the items noted in the recent service was that the rear brake pads were low. We ran out of time at the garage, so I take the spare time available this afternoon to fit new pads in the hotel car park. I’ve become quite competent at carrying out all types of Porsche maintenance in hotel car parks. The key is to ignore the 5 or 6 people that always appear from nowhere and stare intently at you for the duration of the work.

That evening we have tickets for a theatre show in the city, a complimentary gift from Tracy at NAVO. The highlight of the show was the ancient Chinese masks routine, where the performers swap their face masks in the blink of an eye….Red to green to black, all right in front of your eyes, but so fast its hard to see how its done, a great show.

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