Friday, 19 November 2010

Vientianne to somewhere in Laos

A slow start....the beers from the night before have definitely taken their toll.....There was either too many of them, or I'm getting old, or both!

We visit the cluster munitions conference at a hotel downtown, a very interesting event attended by lots of high profile political figures. Its a landmark conference, and one which will continue to firm up worldwide efforts to ban the use of cluster munitions and help to clear land which has been contaminated by them.

After some pictures with the car outside the entrance to the conference, we bid farewell to the team from MAG and hit the road. Thanks once again to MAG for their superb hospitality over the previous two days.

The traffic out of town is hectic, because of this and our late start, we only make it a few hundred KM out of town before nightfall. The evening is spent in a small hotel in precisely the middle of nowhere, but is comfortable and pretty cheap too.

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