Sunday, 14 November 2010


Well, we always knew it was just a matter of time until our we were due to leave China - Today is our last day of travelling the country & we’re already a little sad to be leaving.

To be honest neither of us were especially looking forward to China, its never been of any particular interest to either of us but its proved to be great fun - Lovely people, fascinating culture, great sights, superb & varied scenery, awesome food, reasonable beer and a brilliant guide!

Enroute Bex spots a sign for an elephant sanctuary, elephant mad she persuades us to stop off for a brief look around. The sanctuary is located a little way from the main road, set amidst brilliant green jungle.

This proves to be quite a big place, what we expected to be a brief excursion ends up taking the rest of the day. The highlight was a really dodgy but equally awesome cable car ride that takes you on a 3km ride high above the jungle canopy. (See pics)

Once again we end up driving into the night, arriving at the border town of Mohan for around 9pm. The local hotel approved for foreigners is superb and sets us back less than £10 for a room…

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