Friday, 19 November 2010

Vientianne - Free fuel bonanza...

The bad fuel probably isnt doing us any favours, so the decision is made to pump it out. Lou from MAG has kindly offered us the use of the company car park to take care of the job - We make our way down to the MAG riverfront office after lunch to do the deed.

With a steel skid plate covering the tank drain, the easiest way of draining the fuel is to pump it out using the electric pumps. With the engine bay fuel line disconnected and both the primary and secondary pumps fired up, it comes out a quite a rate. We offer the fuel to some locals who set about filling their motorbikes with it, seven full bike tanks later and the tank is dry!

After this we drop the car back at our hotel car park and get set for the evening - MAG have invited us to the lauch of their photographers' new book: "Laos: Legacy of a secret" by Sean Sutton. A compilation of Sean's finest photographs of MAG's work in Laos, a superb publication which is available online at

The book launch proves to be a great success, with some excellent speeches from both Sean and Lou.

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