Saturday, 6 November 2010

Dunhuang to Lanzhou

The next day we crack on to Lanzhou, the capital city of this province - On arrival our hotel has no car park but reception suggests we try to park in the nearby university. We drive over to ask them, the guard laughs and asks if we’re joking….Five bicycles a night are stolen from the campus, a Porsche doesn’t stand a chance!
He suggests we try to gain entry to the private staff car park which is guarded 24hrs…..We try, but despite Serenas best efforts we’re turned way by the guard, who in turn suggests we try the nearby Police station.

We drive over to the Police station, the cops initially turn us away but eventually relent and grant us a parking spot by the gate.

Lanzhou is famous for its noodle broth, we just about make it to a local restaurant in time to sample some. Pretty good!

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